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Won't you take all of me [entries|friends|calendar]

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Wednesday 18 November, 5:40 pm

You can now find me at in_your_base. :)
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10 Bou icons ♥ [

Wednesday 13 December, 4:01 am

[ mood | creative ]

Bou is just too cute to resist! (≧∇≦) I only have a few rules.

1. Credit is nice. I won't chase you down and kill you if you don't credit but I'd prefer if you did. ^_^
2. Be sure to comment!!
3. No hotlinking please... -_-


L. O. V. E. NYAPPYCollapse )

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59 Kakairu bases! [

Saturday 18 November, 5:29 pm

[ mood | mellow ]


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

These icons are rated NC17 due to the graphic nature of the doujin

I created these from a doujinshi called Psychedeleic Aftereffects by Jerry Angel. Unfortunately I don't own this doujin myself and used a scanlation for the bases. All I ask is that you comment me if you take - no credit is necessary. Just be sure not to claim my work as your own. Is it just me or does Jerry draw Kakashi tres cute? I can't get enough of him here!

'You'll wet your pants!'Collapse )

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43 Kakairu bases! [

Saturday 18 November, 5:43 am

[ mood | content ]


Please be aware that these icons are from a YAOI doujinshi and may not be appropritate for everyone to view.

I created these bases from a Kakairu doujinshi called Icha Icha Academy. I really wish I could have gotten more images in, but the nasty speech bubbles continued to get in the way! As it is I edited these icons quite heavily when it came to removing text so that the base could look as clean as possible. You don't have to credit but please leave me a comment if you decide to take any! Thank you! ♥

'Well, a black cat crossed my path, so I had to take the long way.'Collapse )

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